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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wonderful Weddings Part I/ Blue Monday/ Love is...

A few years ago my youngest daughter Hannah gave me this "Beautiful Wishes" Willow Tree figure. I wanted her because they reminded me of my mother. She carried star lily flowers at her wedding to my father. But these reminded me of her just the same. This little figure means the world to me because Hannah chose it for me. It will always remind me of my mom's wedding day.
My parents were married August 29, 1936 in Pueblo, Colorado. Uncle Louie Steblay and Auntie Ann Steblay ( later known as Petgovsek)  were their attendants. At one time I remember seeing my mother's wedding gown and often wonder what happened to it. She had the tiniest waist! Oh My Goodness! They were so beautiful!

Uncle Moon's wedding to Auntie Elsie Glavich. I know that is my dad to the left of his brother and I believe Auntie Gela Kocman Medved on Aunt Elsie's right. I do not know the other two people. If you know them, Mike D., come tell me please! She carried a lovely bouquet too. Goodness weddings were a major affair in our parents day! I am sorry I do not have their wedding date  but would share it if you have it. Thank you.

I love Auntie Ang Steblay for giving this photo to me. I treasure it and keep it close to my heart and my sight!My grandmother Cecilia Kralj and her husband Joseph Steblay. They were married October 10, 1904 . A new beginning for each couple. Joyful!

My dad's younger sister Aunt Steffie (Stephania) and Uncle Art Samples. Goodness, they were a beautiful couple. Her dress was simple yet elegant. Look at that sweet short veil, I think Aunt Steffie was a trendsetter. Uncle Art looked really handsome and sharp in his double breasted  jacket. They were a special couple, always kind and very hard working.  I believe they were attendants in someone elses wedding here. It is hard to miss all these good folks, they were wonderful phamily.
The only sadness in this photo is my favorite Uncle Bear is not in the photo. It was Anthony "Bear" Medved's wedding day to precious Auntie Angela "Gela" Kocman. They were godparents to me and all my siblings. Wonderfully kind people and also so hard working. Uncle Bear was a quiet man, Auntie Gela was a storyteller. Goodness, how fast time flies. Miss these precious people too.

Noelle and tiny Drazah on the princesses fourth birthday.

My mom and Auntie Gela. Weren't they so pretty?

The marriage certificates for our ancestors were so unique and beautiful. I recall my parents certificate had a Scripture quote:

This is from Ephesians 4:26. Although I am currently searching for my Grandparents Kocman marriage photo of which I have a small paper copy. I do know they were married on May 22, 1905. I often wonder what they were all thinking, having traveled to new lands and having to leave any loved ones behind.

Our loved ones set up their homes in Bojontown and also in the Grove. These two areas were filled with many sLOVEnian people.  I am shocked at the video that showed the 1921 Pueblo flood because many of these folks never left the grove. Mr. John Germ and his wife raised their family in the Grove. The owned a business and I believe the building along with their home is still there today. The Grove is also home to the KSKJ Lodge No. 7 hall where many wedding receptions were held. On August 27, 2000 my daughter Noelle and her husband Roger were married there. It is located at 917 E. B Street. I am going to take a road trip to Pueblo and get my own photos. Many of these sites claiming historical significance have zilch about the sLOVEnian or Bojon community.  You can not make a few people look good and call it a community! Politics, aack, I intensely dislike it so much! I tried to find a photo of St. Joe's Hall. I guess I will drive down there and get my own! The photo is my daughter Noelle, my mother Cecilia Kocman and my son-in-law Roger at their wedding at St. Joe's Hall on August 27, 2000.

I will continue my wedding days journey with you tomorrow. But I will try to be more timely. I was so late with my post that should have gone up last night. Yesterday, we went to a birthday party for Drazah. she is the "princess" four year old that lives with my grandson Andrew and his precious Tarrah. She is the daughter of Tarrah's sister. They had a party for her at Clement Park in Littleton yesterday afternoon. The day was perfect as they rented one of the shelters and so we were shielded from the hot sun. The kids had a blast. I will share some photos here:

The birthday girl Drazah turned 4. She had a Frozen party complete with purple princess birthday cake. She had gifts galore and Jayden helped her organize them while she enjoyed opening each and every one.
There were lots of gifts. A lot of them were "Frozen" related.
Balloons were Elsie and the Frozen theme too.

Noelle and Drazah stopping for a quick photo.

On the way home from  the party we saw the Denver skyline.
The skies were blue and then it rained.
When we went to Jeremy and Brittany's house for the MMA fight between Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor the rainbow came across the sky. everyone decided to go to the Electric Cowboy and watch Rebekah dance. Let me just say these two things about the EC, Rebekah is a terrific little dancer but the c/w club "ain't no Silver Saddle. Anyone who grew up in Pueblo would know that Mrs. G ran the Silver Saddle Nightclub on Pueblo Blvd. That was a place to tear up the huge dance floor and doing some country dancing to the likes of songs like "Ghost riders in the Sky: and "The Orange Blossom Special", John Nemick, a fellow Bojon and local Pueblo fire fighter was an awesome c/w dancer. He could win awards for his style and moves. Goodness, another wonderful memory of some terrific times.
I will close this post with a special great grand boy, Michael! He is a sweetheart and such a delightful and beautiful little fellow.
Noelle has a photo of Michael's daddy Andrew when he was just a tiny boy, and he is doing the same "Power to the People" pose.

Until tomorrow  lahko noč and please visit Sally and the Blue Crew and show off your blues.


Theresa said...

What a wonderful look back at beautiful weddings! I adore those old pictures and the memories! Sweet little birthday girl and great grandson:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

SmilingSally said...

Hi Anne,

Ah, romance is in the air today! What a wonderful, loving family you have! That's what makes you so special! Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!

Joy H said...

What a beautiful family you have! Love hearing all the history too.
The wedding gowns were so beautiful back then.
I have a four year old grand daughter too!
Joy @ Books and Life

Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday Drazah!