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Thursday, July 23, 2015

July Birthdays and Just Thinking....

July is one of those months filled with many birthday wishes in our phamilies. We celebrate some and mourn the loss of those no longer with us. July is a fun filled fire cracker kinda month! So in keeping with my BoJon Heritage post I will add some July Birthdays of people who I love dearly and am very blessed to be related to! Would you stop by Ms. Jenny's and wish her and Mr. Jenny well. She has had some health issues and I am hopeful they will get to the bottom of her problems very soon. Tell her I celebrated the letter "J" with July birthdays and some just thinking...
Today would have been the birthday of my father Edward J. Kocman Sr. Many knew him by his nicknames "Haizie" to the phamily and BoJon neighbors and  "Spike" at the C F and I Steel Corp. where he worked. I know a lot of things about my dad, none of them are negative. I know how much he loved his wife, my mother Cecilia M. Steblay Kocman. He adored his children. He loved the little grand kids and great grands. I wish he could be here to witness how beautifully our phamily has grown.  My father loved his faith, he had a tremendous faith in God and passed that on to his children. He was quiet but kind. He took care of his entire phamily and felt it was not a burden but an important job hand given to him by Our Lord. He never uttered unkind remarks or words at or about anyone. He was as close to sainthood on this earth as you could get. He worked hard and took care of mom and the kids. He loved living and enjoyed many travels with my mother before his passing, too soon.  I miss you dad, you were a beautiful example of the faith you practiced and I miss you each day. But I know you are enjoying a wonderful life walking the streets of heaven who all those you loved that have gone too soon as well. So enjoy your heavenly birthday dad. I will see you there one day, I just know it.

Dad with one of his children.
Mom and Dad at the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, 1979. Look how precious my folks were, dad holding mom's hand.

Love is...always makes me smile and this one is appropriate for this post.
This is certainly so true of the July babies I know!  Cousin Ray Medved in California is born on July 25th. My husband is born on July 23 as well as cousins Chuck Barnett and Kay Samples-Elliott. Uncle Sam Cosimano was born on July 22nd. Grandma Kocman was born on July 15th. Nephew Anthony 'Tony' Ricklefs celebrated his 5-0 on July 13th.  Anna Skender  and my brother Edward J Kocman Jr. were born on July 5th. Hannah Robinson and my dad's brother Frank were both born on July 3rd. If I am missing anyone you need to let me know.

This is a photo of Anna Kocman-Skender, Millie Kocman-Cosimano and Stephanie Kocman- Samples. It is the only photo I have, thanks to Juliane, of three of the five sisters at an early age.
A nice message regarding birthdays, especially as the years fly by.
My sister can locate Grandpa Joseph Steblay in this photo but I am still searching.This was taken in the 1920's.
Uncle Sam Cosimano was a July 22nd baby. Probably enjoying some heavenly conversation with my dad and all the loved ones who have joined them way soon taken away from us.
A Log Cabin home in Lubjlana, Slovenia. Just thinking about cousin Kay heading to our ancestors homeland. She leaves in a month.

This unknown phamily is probably a relative on my mom's side of the phamily. Look how beautifully they are all dressed. Those little girls all have the same headband and the boy looks handsome in his  suit.  My sister came across several photos similar to this one. I wish people would have written on the back of their photos. A few of them are and some are even dated. It is sad no one would be able to tell us who this phamily is.

Chuck Barnett with a "catch"! I bet cousin Audrey spent many wonderful times fishing with her hubby. She was a fly fisherlady!

Do you remember the wonderful birthdays you celebrated as a kid growing up in the most wonderful neighborhood? I remember having lots of relatives gathered round. It was just something BoJon's did, sharing their special celebrations with all the loved ones.

A birthday tribute to my husband George Avery Robinson. He was such a cute little fellow and today he is an excellent husband and father as well as grandpa. Our immediate phamily is growing each and every year. This was Father's Day with his boys, Nick (left) and Jeremy (right). Until next time:


Denise said...

always love visiting here.

Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday to all the July celebrants!!

Your dad sounds like quite a man. I wish I could have met him!

Ruby Manchanda said...

Many heartiest wishes to all of them.
Lovely theme to the post.

Theresa said...

What a wonderful look thru the years at your precious Phamily! I SO love the old pictures! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

This is a sweet post. Happy Birthday to all the July babies in your phamily!
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