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Monday, July 20, 2015

Sharing Our Ancestors

This is a terrific photo. It is Christmastime at St. Joe's Hall in the Grove.  From left to right Row One: Aunt Elsie Trontel, my dad ed Kocman Sr., Aunt Mary Mishmash holding Kristy Hoskins, Row Two: Uncle Munson Trontel , Uncle Tom Binder, mom Cecilia Kocman (in blue) and Aunt Ann Petkovsek, Row Three: Aunt Ang Steblay, Aunt Jo Binder, Uncle Louie Steblay and Uncle Frank.Petkovsek  Uncle Tom, who was a huge Dallas Cowboy fan, was having way too much fun! Gosh I miss those days, our phamily really loved each other and that was on both sides of our phamily. Dad had an amazing phamily too. Always congregated at Grandpa and Grandma Kocman every single Sunday.
My dad's sisters, Aunt Anna Skender, Aunt  Mary "Mima" Salvo and Aunt Angela "Gela" Medved. These ladies were always laughing and cooking and having way too much fun! They could all tell stories and I miss hearing them today.
This is my grandfather Joseph Steblay taking his family out for a spin. I love that vintage car. My mother and her sisters loved their father so very much. They loved to be with him and giggle and laugh and dance around. He was a wonderful dad my mom always told us, and he passed away too soon. She was 13 when her father and brother Tony (17) perished in a mining accident at Victor, Colorado (1927). I can not imagine what they felt. It is sad enough to lose a parent but so tragically, I am stunned by it to this very day.
Did anyone else have one of these in their home growing up? My mom had one like the middle washer. Those wringers were dangerous! I would love to have this washer today, if for nothing else but the memories.
I think this is my oldest sister Pat (from your left),  Charlotte Mishmash-Taullie, Bill Kocman (my oldest brother) and and Ron Petkovsek. Cousins, we were raised together. Our phamilies loved each other. I hate that today people claim they are too busy to get together. A perfect example was this evening when my hubby took me for a quick bite to eat after I picked him up at the bus station. His bus was 45 minutes late due to the Rockies game and the bridge to the HOV was closed so the bus went on to the main highway, I-25. when he finally arrived at the RTD station we grabbed some food and as we were eating they seated a young father and his daughter. The child was no more than 4 or 5 years old and neither one of them looked up or had a conversation. She had an ipad and he had a cell phone and they were mesmerized by their toys! People have lost all their senses today! Manners are out, rude behavior is in! We loved our relatives, because we were always together , all together. I miss those days.
Bojon's love baseball. I found this book, written by a Bojon and it is quite interesting. I like how the author says early on that as a girl she played baseball. Not softball but played with a hard ball! I know my own mother loved the game with a passion. She was quite good at it and encouraging her daughters to "play ball"!
Bojon women are very beautiful and they dress nicely. The men are polished and handsome as well. This is Evelyn Levstik Mitchell, Jo Steblay Binder and Virginia "BeBee" Levstik Perryman. Even some of the girls had nicknames! The Levstiks were my mom's cousins and Evelyn and BeBee were having a pretty pose with Auntie Jo. I wonder where they were going or what they were doing? I love their wide brim hats.
A final pic tonight. My Uncle Louie Steblay and his grandfather Anton Kralj. My great grandfather passed away at the age of 52. I know he was a good man, my grandmother herself told me so. My grandmother Steblay use to spend a lot of time with me as a child and she sang me bedtime songs. I believe this is one of them:
Mojster Jaka
Master Jaka
Children's Song
Children's Song

Mojster Jaka, mojster Jaka,
al' že spiš, al' že spiš?
Al' ne slišiš zvona?
Al' ne slišiš zvona?
Bim, bam, bom. Bim, bam, bom.

Master Jaka, Master Jaka,
Are you asleep? Are you asleep?
Don't you hear the bells?
Don't you hear the bells?
Bim, bam, bom. Bim, bam, bom.

Until tomorrow 


Intense Guy said...

"Modern" technological toy behavior is horrid. "Selfies" just go to show that narcissism is running rampant.

I love that first photo - My family go together for the holidays - no matter what and without fail - there wasn't that many of them - so they were all the more special to me.

Denise said...

I love your familys history.

Mevely317 said...

Mercifully, our family was never touched by mining accidents -- still, I can't shake the horror.
Perhaps it's from listening (over and over ... and over) the BeeGees' "New York Mining Disaster."

Sarah said...

Nice to put together this family history. Interesting to see the little song, too.