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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Don't Tell Dad and Other Tails of the Dog Life (Cats too!)

When Angela had the Tuesday Show and Tail it made me smile. Then she had so much on her plate she gave it up! Breast cancer and the yucky stuff life throws at you! So once and a while I think about those fun posts and decided to put one here today! I am not affiliated with the Big Barker Dog Beds but I really want to find a clever way to get them for Jeremy's dog Smokey, Hannah's dog Leo and Noelle's dog Trek! This is a google images of the Orthopedic Big Barker dog bed. Does anyone have one of these beds? I notice the large breed bogs sometime struggle going up and down. The dog is the photo here looks so content and comfy! A few things I L O V E about the Big Barker is it is made in the USA! That alone is a gift! It has a ten year warranty and if your dog does not love his or her new bed you can return it postage paid by the company!
You know I babysit the dogs for Jeremy. Mr. Bandito, Bandit, the venerable old gent of the group. He was born in North Dakota over 14 years ago. He is a pure bred, a rat terrier. Do you know how I found out why they are called rat terriers? Because they can climb like a rat! When he was a brand new pup he came into our bedroom one night and he started to scurry up the bed. He is older and more mellow these days but he loves nothing more than to be on the bed snoozing. One of the big dogs stepped on his back paw and he is seeing the vet on Thursday! Rebekah was here over the weekend and she soaked his foot for him and took such great care of him. Jeremy had been in Boston on a business trip. Bandit does not see as well as he once did and can be grumpy and snappy if you come up on him too quickly. But his hearing and sense of smell is incredible! He is like a lil super dog!
If you know the story behind Smokey and Stella, you will know he is her protector. Smokey was born on the 4th of July eight years ago. He is a boxador, meaning he is half boxer and half labrador retriever. He is quite skilled at that lab business. He once snatched a goose from a field . He thinks he is a person and often will sit in a chair like one with his back legs sticking out while he balances himself with his front paws. He is smart and kind and he will protect Stella always and forever. She is a rescue, a Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix that Jeremy found tossed on the side of the road. She became Smokey's best friend and he is happiest lying at her side. Since we do not know Stella's actually birthday, the vet guesstimated her to have been born in February eight years ago. So I told Jeremy to celebrate her birthday on Valentine's Day! She is, after all,  the love of Smokey's life. Smokey once got very ill, with a viral infection. They had slept together in a very large kennel and when we took her out of there so he could heal, we thought they would both die from a broken heart. My husband's brother likes Smokey, not so much, Stella. But I have to keep Smokey close to me because my BIL does not understand their bond. He never married, never  had a phamily and he is clueless as to their love for each other. Stella does not like Smokey to go too far away from her. Thursday will be an interesting day, as I am taking Smokey and Bandit to the vet for their check ups! We usually try to take Smokey and Stella together but this time she is fine and he and Bandit are not!
Oh Leo, he is like a very bratty only child! He likes to rule the roost, so to speak! Leo think because he is so big he can boss people around. I have deemed him "Bossypants"! He also think because he weighs 100 lbs. he should be able to climb into your lap! LOL! He gets very sad when these three dogs go home at night. He follows me around during the day because like Jeremy, Hannah is at work. Leo is a Mastiff/Shepherd mix. There are so many sweet traits that he has. I bought him a tiny swimming pool, I thought, if I start small, he will learn to love the water. He started to drink from his swimming pool but only after he gets very dirty rough housing outdoors! I am forever changing that water. He will stand in the middle of it and drink! He likes to be first out the door, and first back inside! He has no manners yet but we are working hard on them. You can't give this boy a toy because he shreds them! But try to take it away from him and he will give you a look that is so sad, you will cry! LOL! Leo thinks he should be in the middle of the bed.
Dad does not like Leo climbing on the bed! But when the others are on the bed I can not be mean to Leo! I don;t want him to feel left out, so don't tell dad you saw this post here with pictures proving that I do  let Leo climb on the bed!
I am not a very materialistic girl! These furry people are my diamonds in life!
We have two cats also so I can not leave them out. I think all furry friends are as it seems!
I think they speak to us with their eyes.
 I can not forget the Chicken Rangler, Rose and her buddy
Mr. Kitty. These two make the house an exciting place to be!

I hope you will share some of your own "tails" of the furry friends with live with you. Enjoy your day!


Denise said...

coco really enjoyed this.

Intense Guy said...

Awww... I love dogs and really had to laff at that first photo of the big dog reclining in front of the fire place!!

Okay.. mums the word... I won't tell dad!!

Edna B said...

I really enjoyed this post. I love all animals. I do believe that every fur baby should have his/her own comfy furniture. My Pogo has his very own sofa. It is low to the ground so that he can easily jump up on it. We're hoping that Santa will be able to find a little recliner chair for Pogo for next Christmas. After all, every king should have his throne. Whatever my Pogo wants or needs, I'll do my best to get it for him.

As for doggies sleeping on our beds -- I was always under the impression that this was normal and acceptable. If the bed isn't big enough, I say get a bigger bed. haha.

So, love your fur babies and keep them as comfy as you can. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.