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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cops Are BoJons Too: Law Enforcement People in my Phamily

Not all cops are bad people! You know, we live in such a modern high tech era yet we tend to be so judgemental! Because we read about a handful of bad cops we automatically think they are all bad! Now I am related to a whole bunch of cops, law enforcement  people! I do not have photos to share with you  about each one of them, but I will share each one of them here and tell you how proud I am to be related to such unselfish human beings!
Friends of Littleton K-9 Unit! Doesn't the sweet grand baby look so adorable petting his new friend, a brave hero from the Littleton K-9 Unit?  We need to continue to teach our children that if they are in trouble reach out to a police officer. All the controversy over gun control and other issues, let's just agree to disagree and let us call these brave people in time of need.
We once had our home robbed, in broad daylight, with nosey neighbors around us who, of course, never saw a thing! Well, these guys (and gals) were doing their job and they came out to handle our situation. When a guy who was born in Scotland and became an Adams County Sheriff's Deputy can make you laugh in troubled times, you know they are good people. A shot out to Rose, who grew up in the old neighborhood on Durango Street, she along with her husband are sheriff deputies.  Nick's BFF Jazin who works in the control room at the Adams County Sheriffs Dept. He gets to lock and unlock those doors that lead inside and out of the jailhouse.
My nephew, by marriage, Aaron comes from a phamily of officers, his dad Carl and his wife Evie are/ were Pueblo Police Officers. I think we often take for granted what others do by putting themselves in harms way to keep us safe. Aaron may not be a BoJon by blood, but he can cook like one! My hat is off to his dad and Evie for keeping the streets down home safe.
My cousin Joanne has a daughter, well two, but this one, Sissy is a Sheriff's Deputy. She lives and works in Pueblo, Colorado. This BoJon powerhouse took after her late daddy Jesse, and became an officer of the law.  Her dad was a good man. When Uncle Louie got older and needed to give up his drivers license all the local cops talked with Jesse and felt he was best served to tell Uncle to give up his car keys!.  He did it in a manner that Uncle was not insulted and graciously gave up driving. Sissy also attended the academy with my cousin Danny's son Lee Medved I pray for these BoJon's all the time. Lee recently got engaged to be married. More BoJon's to make the world go round!
You can click on this article to enlarge it. Please read it. Just remember many good ,decent folks are out their protecting our butts! They are like our military, taking on the job the rest of us do not wish to do. Another shout out to a fellow BoJon Dan Badovinac who was a police officer while his brothers Nick and John were invovled in sports in our hometown. Lots of good BoJon's doing good deeds. Sissy has a cousin, who is also a police officer and I believe he is in Pueblo as well. I want to say he is Vince Petkosek, but regardless, he is a BoJon too! Good blood running through BoJon veins!
A little police humor to make you smile. My cousin Ray Medved was a cop, he spent a lot of years doing his job and doing it well, in California. I remember my Auntie Gela asking us to pray for him. She worried about her son, although he was a grown man with his own phamily. We never stop worrying about those we love.
I like this, I think we all need to remember cops, like the rest of us, are people, trying to do a good job, earning an honest living. Pray for our law enforcement please.

You know that cops deal with this on a daily basis. I know first hand because when I got my very first speeding, on a downtown Denver street running alongside  of Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, He asked me where I was speeding to? I wasn't thinking when I flipped my wok badge over and said, I was just trying to get to my office. As he proceeded to write my ticket, a homeless man stood across the street with his shopping cart, shaming me, making faces at me! I told the officer, who, of course, had his back to the guy, and he turned around and told him to move along before he gave him a ticket for loitering!
I am very proud of all my BoJon law enforcement people! I pray for all of them daily and admire their perserverance and dedication to a tough job, that somebody has to do!
 Until tomorrow....


Denise said...

awesome post.

Intense Guy said...

Had to laff out loud at the last joke. :)

Edna B said...

I have to agree with you. Most of our law enforcement officers are honest, hard working people. I commend them for there bravery. No matter what group of people we look at, there is always a small batch of rotten apples. This is not a reason to turn our backs and attitudes on the rest.

My grandson Kevin is going to college to study Criminal Science, and my grandson Shane will be going to college to become a firefighter. I am so very proud of both of them.

I loved that last story about the state trooper and the old man. What a great attitude!!! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.