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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Four Roses/Bojon Bowling and A Little Politics for Free

When you bowled a 200 at Payne's Lane in Bessemer, Ernie Brothers would give you a case of beer   F R E E! Now tell me who does that today? No one! I have been reading this historical stuff the city of Pueblo supposedly put together. Funny there are no photos of these awesome businesses! I tried to find photos of the St. Joe's Lodge No. 7 hall in the Grove. Gus's Place to get an awesome cold beer and dutch lunch before bowling on Tuesday afternoon! No photos anywhere. I wish someone would show up with them. Tom Valle who's dad Tom owned El Valle Mexican Restaurant has a Pueblo page at Face Book but it primarily supports liberal Democrat's. I am not interested in any political banter. I am interested in history. The good ole days.

This woman was my first boss. The things I could tell you about her. She ran a tight ship. Her office was polished and professional. She was fair, she was honest, she was trustworthy! She cared about people! That was a real gem of a lady. You will not find many folks like her today. Not in the political arena!  Although Mary was a good boss and she truly cared about being honest and hard working most of the big wig people around her were not. I often thought I might need a pair of waders to walk in the building. It was full of, and still is today, Baloney!   So now I will step off the soapbox and get to my Bojon people I love and cherish!
I love bowling and have loved it since I was in the fourth grade! I was a decent bowler not like my mom and sister Mary, those two were terrific! They were so good when they bowled on Tuesday afternoon at Payne's Lanes in Bessemer, they were called the Four Roses, with their friends Jo VanderWalker and Anna Caporicci. Anna's sister was married to a Bojon neighborhood man! That was tossed in for good Bojon measure!
Since I do not have any bowling photos to share, I will share Earl Anthony with you! He was my mom's favorite bowler. Earl "The Pearl" he could tear it up on the lanes!  Plus I hope you noticed he was left handed! I do not know any Bojon's that are not good bowlers. It comes with the genetic packaging I believe.

I had to borrow this google image. Although this is not our Bojon Smitty the Barber who had his shop on Northern Avenue in the heart of Bojon Town, it will take you back. Many of the young men will relate to having Smitty cut their hair. I use to bowl in a Friday night league with Barbara Smith. We bowled at the Sunset Lanes.She was the daughter of the local barber Johnny "Smitty" Smith. Barbara was the team anchor. She held us together like glue. She would have given ole Earl Anthony a run for his money!   Bowling is an all sport!
Even Nike got in on the bowling craze. Here are some Nike bowling shoes! You had to have your own shoes. It was just how it was! I noticed that Bowlero Lanes in Midtown still is under the management of Mike Pinelle. The Sunset Lanes are now called Big Daddy's Sunset Bowl. Payne's Lanes unfortunately blew up in a gas explosion quite some years ago. I just wish I had photographs from all those wonderful memorable places and people. A few years ago, my own phamily would go bowling on Sunday evening at a local bowling alley. We would have the best times. Of course, we never took photos. I better get these Irish Bojons together and and shoot some film!

A wedding shot of Uncle Moon and Auntie Elsie Kocman. I wanted to share this because my sister Mary tells me that Uncle Moon taught her to bowl. She said he worked with her and helped her find that "sweet spot" on the lane over those arrows!  I love the story. She was very blessed. My mom helped me learn to be a good bowler and find that left hander's sweet spot on the arrows! I still think about my mother when I throw a bowling ball down those alleys! The sadness of bowling is that Uncle Moon passed away while coming or going from the bowling alley with my Aunt. He was quite young when he passed away and to be honest with you, I don't think my daddy ever recovered from losing his big brother. They lost two other brothers when they were small boys, in fact the first brother was older than both Uncle Moon and my dad. Our Bojon phamilies dealt with many heartaches and sadness. I think they only became stronger as a result of it.

Grandma and Grandpa Kocman and some of their children.
Grandma and Grandpa Steblay and their children

Another day filled with Bojon memories. I wish more people would stop by and post their photos. It is so awesome to see all the different phamily members. My sis came across a 1957 photo of our mom and her sisters and other relatives from a St. Mary's Church Costume Party. I will share them soon. So until we see each other again Lahko noč.


Denise said...

enjoy your weekend.

Intense Guy said...

I used to bowl in my High School league - and then in a company league at Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) but its been a long time since!!

Intense Guy said... is interesting...

and you might enjoy photos of buildings

Did you try searching for St. Joseph Society?