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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Blogger has been very rude! I have worked so hard making sure I have all my materials available and ready to post each day during the month of July! Blogger, you stink! Why won't you allow my posts to show up? People are counting on me. So I had to scrape the original post and start all over again. The only thing dependable in this world is GOD and PRAYER!
My dad owned a 1969 Chevy truck just like this one shown in my google image. Dad was a good guy, he took take of his vehicles the same way most of us take care of our kids! He did an excellent job on that too! When I was getting ready to get a drivers license at the ripe old age of 16 my mother took the responsibility of teaching me how to drive. Dad lent her his truck and she taught me how to drive. She took me the Roselawn Cemetery  where the roads were narrow and the corners tight! I learned to maneuver that big old Chevy truck and  became an excellent driver. Now that I am older I hate having to drive but when I was a youngster I loved it and drove everywhere, never having any fear. I can really parellel park well, because I learned to drive in that cemetery.
Thank you daddy, you were the greatest man I ever knew. Anything good and kind and decent I learned, I learned it from you. Missing you always.

Mom, thank you for those driving lessons and basically everything you had to put up with raising me. I miss our phone calls and I miss you reminding me to pray and than to pray harder. You were an excellent caregiver for GiGi and her puppies especially Renee, her daughter that we raised. You and dad did such a fine job with each one of us. I can never forget the "phamily" bond you instilled in me. People today are so busy running around with their "lives" that they often forget where they came from. Cousin Kay reminded me, saying she lives in the Midwest these days and people just are not interested in where they came from. Bojons want to know. We need to know because we came from some of the most resilient people God created. They endured so many hardships without complaining. My mother's cousin, shown in the header photo above was a little girl in Yugoslavia during the Communist regime. She went to school one day, and when the teacher asked the children what they did the night before Hedwig stood tall and proud and said she heard her mother say "To hell with the Kaiser!" They left that very night and traveled underground to get out of their homeland all because they did not agree with the politics there. One of these days I will write about Hedwig. I have more wedding photos to share. I love what I came from. I am disappointed in those that do not care.
The entrance to the RoseLawn Cemetery. Those narrow roads were something else! They still are.
Funny how when you start searching for things different things pop up the next time to look! Here are those venerable Mulberry Trees at the Roselawn cemetery. They lined the roadways of those tiny , narrow roads. The memories are priceless.
Uncle Louie took us on rides to the cemetery . We worked fast picking those Mulberries because otherwise the birds would eat them all! They were so greedy! I can still taste the berries fresh off the vine. Today people are so concerned about chemicals, disease, allergies. We ate those berries straight off the vine and none of us ever got sick!
While we were picking berries, Uncle would toss money on the ground. Primarily jiggling coins and we were all so dumb, we'd find the shiny coins in the grass and be ecstatic ! He loved to give his money away.
The Dairy Delux was in Bessemer and after berry picking and collecting change from Uncle, we would head to the Dairy Deluxe and Uncle would treat all of us to a Bongo Banana.There were no choices back then and we were happy to have that Bongo Banana.
Uncle Louie and Auntie Ang were good solid folks. Miss them terribly too. This photo was taken at the Preseren Home in Rye, Colorado. They were so beautiful together.

Grandpa Kocman (on your left) cooked with a little can of grease sitting on his stove. He was in his 80's when he passed away. Grandma is next to him but I am unsure who else is in the photo. This photo was posted by Juliane Cosimano-Barden. Thank you cousin, that chair grandpa is sitting in ended up with me and I am looking at it right now in my bedroom. It has been painted and repainted and painted again! I am going to sand it before Summer's end and repaint it except where my daughter Hannah carved her name into the seat. That chair is solid and still looks good after all these years.

I remember when Grandma Kocman passed away in 1965. Harvey Phelps was the County Coroner and said Grandma had so many aliments and the only thing that kept her alive as long as it did was her strong heart. Dr Gardner fed her heart medication for years and she never had a heart condition. How tragic and sad. But that is another story for another time. People tend to put doctors on a pedestal when most of them do not deserve it!

Time to wind up this post but I wanted to share one more special person from our Big BoJon Phamily:
July 14th was the anniversary of the passing of Uncle Sam Cosimano. This is Juliane's photo too. He was a kind heart. An artistic fellow and he loved his wife and kids with a passion. He was a handsome Italian man from upstate New York. He liked fast cars (Sammy?) and he helped everyone he could. He worked for the Pueblo County road Maintenance before they moved to New York where he spent many years at the Nestles Candy Plant. He was so soft spoken. I will never forget hearing his voice. He is probably helping God out by being artistic or talking about cars with someone. maybe the relatives who went before him. All I know is he was a good man and my dad was real picky about the men who were with his sisters. Since he was the only son left he felt a big responsibility to keep an eye on his sisters. Here is something I want to share about Uncle Sam being in Heaven today:

Please visit Ms. Jenny and the Alphabe Thursday featuring the letter "I" for Incredible.
Until next time Trying to resolve some technical issues that will not allow me to post this post. I am so sorry for the delay. I am going to try once more or just scrape it and rewrite it and post it again! Fingers crossed, prayers said:

 Lahko noč.


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You can see that Blogger took my old post, dumped it, I revised it and blogger posted both of them side by side! I have been blogging since 2009 and never had such an incident like this! Now you have two versions of the same story to read. Thank you for all your kindnesses everyone reading here. Hugs, Anne

Terra said...

Wonderful stories of your family.

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Pooh on blogger. Oh well... it is free.

A frozen banana would taste really good about now!