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Sunday, August 1, 2010


We got a late start yesterday traveling to Pueblo so I missed the big sale at the ARC with my sister and my niece. At the Goodwill store I found these two cute signs. The first one says Stocking Feet Please and the second on is my personal favorite, Born To Shop. The first sign was 55 cents and the second one 60 cents. I also found these Route 66 carpenter pants for myself for $2.75. They are in perfect condition. I also have two cute vintage items but I am saving them to post on Vintage Thingy Thursday.

I did finally get to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel with my girlfriends and here is a quick photo I took today.
Top photo is myself on far left, Maria B (white shirt),Sharon (hot pink) and Lorna (mint green). Bottom photo Rita(black shirt). She is Maria B's daughter with Sharon (my twin!) and Lorna. We had a fun time at the Cracker Barrel. Sharon shopped after wards and in about 7 minutes filled her car with Christmas gifts! Maria is always amazed and we always remind her that Sharon is the original Queen of Shopping! That girl can shop and she is always on a mission. We missed Chris who was home taking of a new kitty her phamily saved from the pound and Veronica who had her breast biopsy this past  week and is awaiting the results. Prayer is always appreciated.

I will share my two vintage items Thursday. I am always excited to show off a few new items. I am a little sad :( because I wanted to check out the antique bottle collection that my sister's ARC store has. When I won the giveaway at Jen's J Nichelle blog she sent me some of the most divine buttons that she said her mom told her were between 60-100 years old. Also some Swarovski crystals. I wanted to display them in a unique bottle until I decide what to do with them. I will post separately about the recent wins I have blessed with here in blog land. I won at Jens , I also have have two different books from Kat, the Christian book reviewer and I won two CSN giveaways. Barb at Dogmom Diva ($60) and Anu ($40) at  My Dream Canvas. Now to find some things I want or need or plan to use for Christmas gift giving! The possibilities are endless. I am so grateful to be blessed especially because this past month was a difficult one for my phamily. I will blog about those wins as I get back into the swing of things over here.

Please don't forget my three giveaways. The mini items and not so mini items will be given away next weekend on August 7th. My postcard giveaway Colorado goody box will be given away once I hit all the US states in postcard form! Finally the tea for one giveaway ends when I reach 200 followers. I am currently at 182 and I truly love knowing you all. Each person has individual wonderful traits. I appreciate each and every one. I like to meet folks because I find each person has something unique to offer to the rest of us. I don't care about the numbers. I am an outta the box kinda gal and I dislike too much structure in my life. So I don't crunch numbers or compete for friendships. I am just plain and old fashioned and I like to know people. So spread the word and come join me.

Before I close my two girls went to a local church bazaar tonight. The middle won $33 at bingo and filled our gas tank! The little one won a large bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with her first dollar she spent! Here is the olive oil.
She gave the olive oil to her dad. He gave his brother our Jack LaLanne juicer, and I loved that thing! He bought an upgraded Montel Williams Living Well juicer and I can not drink all that juice with all that pulp. I am thinking of getting a small juice from CSN. Hmm....


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Very cute signs and those pants look really good!! Happy for your wins!!

Parsley said...

I need to go shopping with YOU! I don't have any luck in our small town.

Dogmom Diva said...

Oh I love Cracker Barrel, we don't have them in CA so when I get somewhere they have one I love to shop..great place for stocking stuffers and little gifts to keep on hand..last year on our way back from Cindy's in early Dec we stopped at the C.B. in Amarillo TX and I found the prettiest tree ornaments for cheap...and lets not talk about the jars of fried apples..oh my
Congrats on all your wins. I guess I better make sure I am in all your giveaways..its always fun getting a gift in the mail. and I love giving, too.
Yes, shopping with Anne. I'm in! I have a horrible time finding anything in thrift stores..


Marilyn said...

Thanks for stopping by Heart Song. I'm also happy to find Colorado blog friends! Will be back later to visit more~I need to get ready to go and get my mom's groceries and take her to the dentist this afternoon. ♥♫

shannon i olson said...

sounds like a fun time, wow you have won lots of fun things!! Congrats.

Intense Guy said...

I hope you thouroughly enjoyed the time spent woth your friends!! They look like a great group!

And congrats on all the wins! and the finding the bargains while shopping too!


Diann said...

Congrats on your wins! What fun finds you got. Sounds like a fun day.

Heather said...

Glad you had a great time!!!!! Starting in the fall we are going to change some decorations in the house and I will go thrift shopping too! You all inspired me to find such cute stuff!

bp said...

Thanks for visiting!
Where are the links to your giveaways? Can you email me?
preciousmoments2004 At Gmail DOT com


Chatty Crone said...

You got some great deals - love the signs. sandie

Rose said...

sounds like you and the gals had a good time. i lover to eatat Cracker Barrell. they also have the gift shop ' Boy! all of those wins. what is your secret? take care. Rose