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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Welcome to Tuesday's Show and Tail. Please stop by and thank Angela for hosting this fun Tuesday post. She is at
Tonight I want you to get to know Rose. She is the kitty cat that belongs to my youngest son. When he brought Rose home 5 years ago she had been born on  March 16, 2005. Our son claimed his friends parents were divorcing and all the kittens would be drowned if someone did not take them. So we were suckered into adopting Rose. Don't let her fool you. She appears to be sweet and cute but she is wicked! She terrorizes all three dogs. Smokey is particularly afraid of her! She has a love for fried chicken. Popeye's fried chicken exactly! One night when the hubby was working late and the kids were doing their thing with their friends I brought home a two piece Popeye's spicy fried chicken dinner. It had a huge breast and wing and a biscuit along with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy! I set my bag that was tied with a knot on the counter. Inside the bag was a box with a  little flap to secure it shut! I ran to wash my hands and when I returned a minute later my box was lying on the floor totally empty! Rose smelled like fried chicken and I know it was her. She is a skittish funny little kitty. She bite the vet;s assistant when they tried to give her her shots! She is terribly bossy and she likes to rule the roost! She loves to torment ole Boots. She likes to groom him but when he has had enough he will flip her off his back like a toy! She will go flying through the air like a trapeze artist! But Rose is cold blooded and she likes to snuggle in the winter time. She also likes to lay in bed with us early in the morning. So here are a few photos of Rose.

Rose is snuggling in the third photo on my brand new 650 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets that I got from CSN when I won the giveaway at Barb's. I just took them out of the dryer and she snuggled into them before ewe could make the bed! In the second photo she is posing for the camera and in the first photo she was just a tiny kitten.
Now jump on over to Angela's place and come join the fun. Any animal photos are welcome. Just follow her guidelines and  come join the fun.


Angela said...

Isn't it funny how we can get suckered into taking a kitty! Rose is a beautiful cat, big and fluffy! I love your new sheets! Usually the higher thread count doesn't have a pattern on them so that is nice to see a pattern on them.

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Jane said...

Cute cat! I love spunky kitties. There is one in the neighborhood here that tries to stalk Gunny.


Intense Guy said...


That's a mighty fine looking animal!

Faith said...

I love kitties and your look adorable. Unfortunately, I can't have one since I am allergic to them :( Great pictures

Heather said...

what a cute cat!

Heart2Heart said...

Love the pictures of Rose and isn't it always wonderful how our cats find the warmest places to cozy up in.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Chatty Crone said...

Cute cat - I am glad you have him.

Love those high thread count sheets.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I made green chili last night with fresh tomatillos from my friend's garden. It was soooo yummy! Looking forward to seeing how your husband makes it..

Rose said...

the cat and i have in common the same 1st. name. Great. sounds like she is tough and mean. i'm tough but not mean. have a good day. rose