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Saturday, August 14, 2010


First of all, thank you always for praying for my phamily. Things happen in life and we have to roll with the punches. So before I get on a soap box, I need to contain myself. I will talk about Smokey.

You know when we came back from my mother-in-laws funeral J woke his dad at 2 A.M. Smokey was struggling to get around and somehow got on the bed and peed everywhere. He could not hold up his head and his eyes were unresponsive. They rushed him to the all night vet clinic (which should be named in honor of our phamily!) Smile. They ran a very expensive blood test which told us N O T H IN G ! I was so angry. With humans they can at least give you a vague idea of something going on. A good vet would have given us some sound advice. But we never found out what that ole horse got into. We just know we watched him 24/7 and a few days later he started to perk up! He seems much better and I appreciate all the prayers. I have always felt that Smokey was perhaps, like his brother Bandit, the runt. I think he may have missed out on some bonding with his mom or something because he saw the mail man a few days after his emergency visit and wanted to eat him alive! That is not Smokey. He is so kind and gentle and scared witless of Rose our younger sons crazy cat. I thought perhaps she scratched him and he got "Cat Scratch Fever". It is a real thing.  Most humans who get it can heal up in a few days and sometime need anti-biotic treatment. Nevertheless, Smokey is getting back to his old self. He is so delightful to be around. He sits in his own chair, he cares for Stella as if he knew exactly what happened to her previously and he guards her as if she were a rare gem. He plays gently with Bandit because the little guy looks like a dot on the floor next to the big brother. He carefully walks around Rose and often saddles up next to Boots so they can sniff each other. I think it is some form of male bonding in the animal kingdom!
So here are a few photos to remind you of the pet phamily.

So there is Bandit, Smokey, Smokey, Rose (as a sweet, don't let that girl fool you!) kitten, Stella, Boots, Smokey.


Parsley said...

Sweetie....sounds like a stroke to me. Sometimes they recover really well, sometimes not.

Angela said...

You would think that a vet would have had at least some kind of an idea what was wrong with your pup! I'm glad that he has recovered! And you know Parsley could be right about a stroke. I had never thought about dogs having strokes but I'm sure that they could.

Hope you have a Great Day!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I'm sorry to hear about Smokey...glad Smokey is doing better. I'm surprised the vet couldn't give you any clue. Did they ask any questions at all? Oh, your pet phamily is adorable...all so cute and furry!!!! Love it. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Amanda said...

Poor Smokey... hope he gets better and stays better! That is no fun. We've had our moments with vets too where we have to wonder about them and their knowledge.... :-( Our cat has hyperthyroid issues and we had her at an emergency vet and they gave us lots of good info that was helpful. When we took her to the regular vet and told them that she had just had a thyroid storm the vet looked confused and asked to read our papers from the emergency vet. I was surprised he had no knowledge of such a thing. We're on the lookout for a new vet.

Cute critters you have! Rose sure was a cute lil kitty when she was younger.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Smokey is very special - I really love him to bits :)

Anonymous said...
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Intense Guy said...

Sometimes they can't even guess with humans too -

I'm glad the poor animal is feeling better now.