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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prairie Dog Days

Welcome to Tuesday's Show and Tail! It will be Wedesday for some of you by the time I post this! I need to get better organizational skills. The ones i had before I had kids! Smile!

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I love prairie dogs. I know they are a menace to farmers and ranchers. I know they carry the plague. In fact in Boulder, Colorado this week a woman saw several of these little critters dead around her property. She called the authorities and they found the plague! Yikes!

But these furry little critters are very sweet and cute and they are getting snuffed out. There is no where for them to go and they are such intricate little builders. They live in underground cities and they are interesting little furry animals.

When my middle daughter and her old beau worked for the non defunct Sonic at Grant and 104th Avenue  they use to toss old tater tots to the little fellas after work at night! They looked so happy because they are vegetarians you know! But they are wary creatures and they keep their cities safe from the enemy, humans!

I just had to talk about them tonight. I love the little prairie dog critters!

When our oldest daughter was in the 3rd grade she attended a school who's mascot was a gopher! We all had the school t shirt which was light yellow with a blue gopher on the front! One night my hubby picked me up from my 4 to midnight shift at the hospital emergency room and a drunk hassled him calling him a kook cause of that shirt! I remember my hubby said "Its a mascot buddy for my daughters school!" Nonetheless I have a soft spot for those furry friends, and am sharing a few internet images here for you. Goodnight!


Denise said...

Enjoyed your show and tell.

Angela said...

Ah, they are cute Anne! I've only seen them at a zoo. They resemble the grandhog that we do have around here only they look smaller than the groundhogs.

I didn't know they carry the plague.

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Intense Guy said...


Gophers are so cute. I hope mankind stops killing off the wildlife in this world...and soonest.